OBSIDIAN: «Stone of Truth» Surá Lillo

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OBSIDIAN: «Stone of Truth» Sura Lillo

«If obsidian knocks on your door maybe it’s time to look within yourself, she invites you to see the truth within you, to accept those parts of you that you deny yourself»

Obsidian is a stone that is formed from molten lava.
In other words, Obsidian is an igneous rock formed from a volcano. It is black and has a shiny appearance. It consists of silicon dioxide with oxides of impurities such as titanium dioxide, aluminum and iron. As the magma is run from the volcano, it solidifies before crystallization and therefore has a glassy appearance.
Obsidian rocks are divided into several types: snowflake obsidian is a common type of black obsidian including white crystals, small, radially grouped cristobalite producing a pattern of spots or snowflake. Obsidian may contain air bubbles remaining from the lava flow, which are aligned along layers created as the molten rock was flowing before being cooled. These bubbles can produce effects like a rainbow sheen, known as obsidian rainbow or golden glow, known as Golden Obsidian. Small nuggets of obsidian that have been naturally smoothed and rounded by water and wind are called «apache tears».
Obsidian can be found in Japan, Hawaii, Iceland, Mexico, Hungary, Guatemala, Ecuador, New Mexico and Arizona.
Its symbolism is associated with fire, obsidian emerges as a great purifying and transmuting.
It is high in silica (quartz), ferromagnetic composition is capable of acting on the human magnetic field strengthening it and amplifying it.
The human body has paramagnetic properties in areas where iron is accumulated in many low oxidation state, such as hemoglobin in the blood of ferrous iron present, becoming one body with capacity to respond to the magnetic field that circulates around of all our cells.
Another quality of obsidian is its absorptive capacity, has the power to absorb energy dense as the emotions that have been repressed. Since when are not released or feel properly they can lead to disease.
Associate obsidian to emotions is very successful because of these, which have been stagnant for a long time with proper use, begin to break free, with obsidian purgative effect leads to the deepest recesses of our psyche as well as compressions and deep wiser ourselves.
Its mission is to help our unconscious constellations and to correct errors of conduct.
Although obsidian can get in touch with the energy of the earth denser through its infrared beam, this ultraviolet frequency vibration also what connects us with our higher self.
Obsidian has a neutral polarity which makes the cold heat equilibration on the body, and during its application is a diffusion effect due to its cutting conchoid. For all these qualities makes the human energy system is mobilized, it absorbs and diffuses the other hand.
Her story is an important part of the material culture in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.
Obsidian was highly integrated part of everyday life and ritual, and its wide variety of uses could be a major contributor to the lack of metallurgy in Mesoamerica.
A contextual analysis of lithic and obsidian, including home studies, and they show important components of archaeological studies of ancient Mesoamerican cultures where obsidian was an important part of the economy, technological organization, the structure of long-distance trade, the organization and socio-cultural ritual in antiquity. It was the arrival of the Spanish where its use and manufacture was banned because it was considered a stone «the devil»

In cultures Mexica this tool has been instrumental in culture, with its multiple uses, among which there was medicinal use, ritual, so there is a fashion of the moment, but on the contrary this knowledge is many centuries old.

Today it is very common to have unbalanced our feminine side, emotions, feelings, creativity, intuition. In short be short of «libido» or life energy.
The patriarchal belief system, urges us not to show our feelings, to show only the positive side of our personality, being suppressed the negative aspect of our psyche, the repression of our feelings, emotions, does that weaken our energy system and form blockages, because today it is very difficult to be yourself without this having a serious cost, feel judged or rejected for being different.
As men and women carry a genetic memory which have shaped patterns of behavior based on fear, guilt, shame, abandonment, control…. triggering much suffering passed down from generation to generation.
From the standpoint of social and cultural are programmed to live in an artificial way that keeps us from our true nature. For many people this belief system based on fear and lack of love leads to illness and feel disconnected from ourselves, all obsidian emerges as a powerful instrument of healing and inner transformation.
When we feel called to work with the obsidian must find a «why»? and a? «so»? we work with, we must be willing to see us naked, which is not always easy or pleasant. Therefore the therapeutic framework is essential to cope truths to be nighter in the process and it is therefore imperative that we opt for therapeutic work of the hands of a qualified therapist in their use and management.
Currently there are schools that manage and teach the use and treatment of this tool as SITO, but most important is to make sure that the person who has lead us deep personal work, study and research with this tool. Its therapeutic success lies not so much in the kind of obsidian used, but rather in a good energy work in therapy and process. Obsidian and its qualities are part of nature itself, wanting to patent their qualities under trademark and property records, is as absurd as trying to patent nature. The important thing is not what it reveals obsidian, or where it’s from, the important thing is to do with what shows.
Many people handle this tool without making themselves a proper staff work and therefore are not qualified to help others in their therapeutic processes, as these, depending on the case can be awkward to navigate and the processes generating some difficult cases transition that are aborted due to lack of management and understanding of this therapeutic tool.
Even for qualified therapist is essential to continued work itself, since it is precisely this tool confronts us with everything that we deny ourselves, and the therapist has to set an example because it has gone and passes his own personal history.


The unconscious is like a vast sea in the dark, your therapist must be someone who can guide you to delve into the depths of your psyche. The psyche up as many different aspects of the shadow archetypes, which require both a fine job in mobilizing and opening of the archetype and its therapeutic transit.
We must make it clear that the use and application of obsidian requires a therapeutic framework, this is very important, because their use in ignorance, or something to prove can cause more confusion than help. I know people who have experienced very daring without guidance or prior experience and their experiences have been stunted and inadequate, since it opened obsidian records, but the lack of management of these does not reach the person to deepen the source of their conflict, is like trying to clean a room and not have to deposit the crap we get.
In ancient times its use was restricted to the elites and priests, who used it to prepare adequately to lead his people.
Today though the fashions we must respect and know that this tool is not for all public record, and that people with a high degree of hypertension may be harmful to psyche or more mental disorders than they already have. Therefore this work has to be done under the guidance of a qualified therapist in the use and treatment of this tool.
During treatment with Obsidian this can help balance the emotional disorders, childhood trauma, abuse etc memories. Its scope can range from individual unconscious and behavioral traits that are printed in the collective unconscious. Therefore obsidian therapy takes time to work in a clinical setting where the therapeutic process unfolds.
The therapeutic process allows us to release stagnant emotions, to be experienced and not released in the past have led to the disease.
It helps us to see ourselves in a clear and understand the causes of disease, psychologically, this stone allows deep and emotional healing crystal, since the problems of the past, internal weaknesses and undesirable traits are of clear way, forcing us to recognize them, address them and address them in the therapeutic setting.
This stone is very energetic, powerful, capable of condensing the negative energy that might be in the auric field.
Therefore, the therapist must obsidian skillful in handling the subtle fields and therefore energy must prepare the person to handle gently, all the aspects that will be mobilized during treatment with obsidian.
The Jungian perspective with his theory of archetypes is the setting of framing in the transpersonal work with obsidian
The work of the «shadow» is the action spectrum of this crystal, it helps us to release internal conflicts, for all that we have to be prepared and cared to see those parts of oneself, parties have refused all my existence . The implementation of the guidelines and obsidian with a certain times in each case, we can help project denied those parts of our personalities from the field of energy, emotional, physical and mental.
The shadow not only make the parties denied and hidden personality but also make hidden talents and attitudes.
Walk this way therapeutic resembles what C. Jung called the «individuation process» because it helps to balance the masculine and feminine aspects within our psyche, so the dream world and its projection in the physical body and our reality is very important, because the dreams and physical symptoms, our relationships, represent lapses …. etc and clearest manifestation of our unconscious sharper.
In this way yourself find the strength and courage to take root in the earth and in a wise accept the reality that you are living. Whatever your illness the therapeutic process with obsidian will help you understand the origin and cause of your imbalance leading you to find balance within yourself.
Obsidian therapy is excellent for those seeking to «eradicate» their «character defects» or get to the root of their disease and understanding. Also excellent for those who believe they have been «stuck» or are stuck in their personal growth, because obsidian is a «destroyer of ego» which helps us to reveal the truth about ourselves in a way not too soft.
Obsidian therapy is a powerful tool for those who seek truth and freedom.
Through honesty, this therapy can bring healing to regain our strength to achieve a profound transformation.

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