The Menstrual Blood – Reconnecting with the earth. Surá Lillo

Blood, is universal wisdom that contains the memory of that which we are. Women are the reflection of Mother Earth and we can connect ourselves to the earth from our uterus. We are incarnated entities below multiple arcitypes of the Godess. In primitive cultures, menstrual blood was considered the result of the energy of the Earth manifested in this plane.

With the birth of the first religions, this feminine power was replaced by the shedding of blood during battles or wars. In the middle ages, menstruation was a symbol of witchcraft and taboos. In some indigenous cultures it was thought that receiving your first period was a sign of being possessed by evil spirits, so that the young girls would be beaten with sticks until the spirits left the body.
Other cultures, however, felt the period was the first connection to Mother Earth, so on the day they got their first period girls were smeared with mud to symbol their first connection with ‘Gaia’.

During the inquisition, women were cruelly persecuted. In this age, menstruation was linked to the devil. Men were prohibited to touch menstruating woman. Menstruation was eventually considered an unknown illness. The popular thinking in that age branded the menstruating woman as an sick or ‘bad’.

The symptoms related to menstruation are nothing new. ‘Premenstrual syndrome’ manifests itself with a series of physical symptoms and behaviours. Menstrual pain is a reality today and there are all sorts of medicine available for it. These symptoms are a result of the collective consciousness that has been projected on women throughout history.
At the emotional level the changes in attitude are dormant and until women understand their cycles, they will not be empowered to live their menstrual processes in tune with female nature.
All of this is due to a lack of understanding of what it really symbolises.
Each woman since puberty until menopause lives processes of contraction and expansion every 28 days. These 28 days coincide with the lunar cycles of creation. In this way the full moon represents the fertilised or non-fertilised ovary returned to the earth. The seed of life is returned in the form of blood or in the manifestation of a new being.

Women live with 4 distinct archetypes inside themselves, 4 distinct visions of the world. In this way we can understand why the law of change operates inside of us to such an extent. We are active Godesses. Understanding our menstrual phases in relation to the phases moon, opens the door to a universal understanding of our presence on the earth.

When we are have our period, we have a direct connection to the creator and with Mother Earth. This phase would correspond to what in the full moon is directly related to the archetype of The High Priestess in tarot. The High Priestess represents the connection with the sky and the earth, manifesting the intimate union between nature and the creator. It is the time of most connection. Because of this, during ceremonies women who are in their lunar cycle should act as High Priestess, because women hold both planes (earth and sky) from their womb. In this time we are expressing our power of co creation in communion with nature.

When the moon is decreasing, it enters the phase of the Wise Woman. In this time going through stages of isolation to make consciousness visible. It is a time of internal vision. These are the days in which we do not want to talk to or see anyone, this is because at an unconscious level, we feel the loss of blood like a missed possibility for creating a new life. On a physical level we experience a loss of minerals, on an unconscious level we experience a lowering of our ‘underworld’ where we face our shadow, allowing purification to welcome the new cycle.

The new moon gives us the energy of the Mother, in this time, where we plant the seed of future plans. It is where we nurture these plans so that they are in accordance with the laws of the creator. The reserve, the care and attention in which we nurture ourselves is of vital importance during this cycle.

The rising moon connects us with the energy of the Shaman, here we feel the fire of creation, growing in our uterus, a new possibility to produce a new life. In this time, we feel more seductive and our energy manifests with the energy of pure life.

The reason for which periods have been taboo throughout history is nothing more than being disconnected from Mother Earth, disconnected from our nature. Connecting with our RED MOON is returning to reclaim our natural condition. Our blood contains all the genetic information of our ancestors. We are the last link in the chain. We have the connection with the planet Gaia. Establishing this connection is to awaken a more universal consciousness.

Our blood is carries pure life, its healing power is unlimited. Offerings of this blood to the earth connect us to ancestral memories of the planet, allowing qualities and capabilities that remained dormant within us to surface. It connects us with the Mother, with all our potential of life. When we throw our blood in the rubbish, we are connecting with the artificial creations of man. Each month, offer it to Mother Earth, she will give back your offering fully. This relationship with the Mother is intimate. Collect your blood each month and look for a place in nature that you feel connected to. At first you can ask for help so that the energised waste there is in your blood will be transmitted to the earth. When we do this, Mother Earth transmutes energy blockages which are affecting us.
Through adequate food (based in the consumption of grains) our blood becomes a call of unity with the mother, which she recognises and so increasing the process of healing the planet.

When we surrender our blood at a certain place we absorb the energy of that place, thus creating a network of life throughout the planet.
Feel free to share this information with all women you know and happy return to the mother!!!!!


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